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QA/QC Construction


QAQC Construction


Quality control in construction!

  • Accountability

  • Tracability

  • Reliability

  • Customer satisfaction


The Project Mission Statement

Owners - Investment Performance

Customers - Product Quality, Low Maintenance Costs,

Prime Contractors - Project Completion on Time Within Budget, Customer Satisfaction

Employees - Career, Work Satisfaction

Suppliers - Continuing Business

Society - Responsible Stewardship

The purpose of this Web Site is to Provide International Quality Management Services on Major Lump Sum Turn Key Construction Projects around the world for Oil Gas and Power Generation Industries, based on ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Quality Control Standards and the customers specific contractual requirements.

The intent of qaqc-construction web site is to provide the user strategic information and tools to implement Project Quality Management Systems without reinventing the proverbial wheel.

While considerable effort has been made to make the web site user friendly, interesting and informative it was apparent that back room or supporting information was required to give the site viewer more detailed information, this can be obtained in the premium section of the web site for members that would like access it. web site specialises in the following:

  1. Provide guidance to Owner Consortium Investment Organisations Construction Companies and suppliers for the Implementation of Quality Management Systems.
  2. Provide construction companies information and technical expertise in the field of Quality Management Systems so that they have the competitive edge when tendering for mayor lump sum turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects
  3. Provide electronic database for Quality Documentation that can be adapted for As-built Turn Over Packages and Performance Guarantees.
  4. Implementation of Quality Management System Procedures covering the specific requirements of the Customers Contract, obtaining customer approval for Project Implementation
  5. Provide Quality Assurance Quality Control personnel and Inspectors for Project System Management implementation for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation construction site disciplines.
  6. Provide Quality Management Consulting Services.
  7. Provide on site Internal and External Auditing services.