7.8.2. Assessment of Subcontractor

The scope of work is defined in work packages as referenced in the Project Execution Plan.
Contractor will manage and control the Sub-contractor on the basis of an accepted Project Execution Plan prepared by the sub-contractor including deliverables, review points and records to be produced. Copies of relevant sub-contractor quality records and safety records will be obtained and will form part of the Over all Project Quality Records. Contractor will review the Corrective & Preventive actions

Control of activities:
Refer to the attached appendix: Project Audit Plan.

Contractors terms and conditions will be applied to all subcontracts for the relevant scope of the subcontractor’s or sub vendor’s supply.
Applicable Procedure:
General QA Procedure: Subcontractor Selection, Evaluation and Monitoring
Control of activities:

  • 3rd party inspector company shall carry out an audits at suppliers premises.
  • Contractor nominated engineer shall conduct inspections at supplier’s premises.

Applicable Procedure:
General QA Procedure: – Supplier Evaluation & Selection

Supporting documents:
Project Quality Manual; section 3.4

Quality Assurance Procedures:
– Purchasing
– Goods & Services Receipt

Quality Assurance Forms:
– Observation/Inspection form

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