7.8.1. Purchasing process

All purchased material and services will comply with the specified requirements. To achieve this, all purchase order requisitions will contain adequate and precise descriptions of the material and services required. These will be supported by relevant specifications and technical data as appropriate.

Contract conditions will be stipulated in all purchase orders which will secure for the Contractor the right to verify that purchased material and services comply with specified requirements and to reject those which do not. This will also include the right for Contractor to verify the products and services at the supplier’s premises.

Purchasing is carried out in two different ways: –
a) Purchasing from approved subcontractors (customers approved suppliers lists)
b) Purchasing from outside vendors and suppliers (minimum value products under an agreed contract sum).
c) Sole source vendors and suppliers.

The contractors Purchasing Manager will review and approve all orders in conjunction with the engineering manager.
Maintenance of the Approved Vendor List, vendor approval and monitoring is also carried out by the Purchasing Manager.

Applicable Procedure:
Project Procedure: – Cost Control
General QA procedure: – Purchasing

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