7.6. Project Software Control

The term “Software” includes all project related correspondence files, documentation, engineering data and programs.

The following “Control” activities will be documented:

Software Control Activities

  • Working Copy (WC)
  • Working Master / Daily Backup (WM)
  • Weekly Backup (WB)
  • System and Project Specific Software media
  • Project Software generation and control
  • Storage of media
  • Labeling of media
  • Responsibilities
  • Associated forms

The qualification of software in use on the project is subject to routine verification during internal audits.
Quality records are maintained.

The project server will continuously monitor viruses by special embedded programs running in the background in the main server. Software imported from outside the project will be scanned for viruses before use.

Applicable procedure:
Project procedure: – Project software Control


  • Tracking register:
    to be maintained by DCC.

The computer software can automatically track Office Documents (per category etc.), and also email associated with a contact.

  • Activities Tab in contact
  • Tracking of Email

Tracking of Email shall be subject to routine verification during internal audits.

The IT Administrator is responsible to use agreed application Software, troubleshoot PC failures in Software and Hardware.

Employees are not allowed to install Software in their PC which is not on the list of “approved product” available with the IT Administrator.

The standard Operating system on every Contractors computer is Windows. A PC may have other Operating Systems (Dual Boot) this should be agreed with the IT Administrator.

IT Administrator may monitor the contractors PC’s from the project team without prior notice to the concerned personnel. He has the authority to delete programs which are not identified by Corporate as a valid approved product.

All employees shall have access to the Contractors Intranet and Area Network (Internet). The standard browser to be used is Internet Explorer as per Corporate guidelines.

Internet traffic will be monitored.

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